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Episode 212 - Survivor + Wordle

Episode 212 - Survivor + Wordle

March 3, 2022

The new season of Survivor is upon us, and Sara has some fun trivia for Nicole and Sal... see who's surviving on the island and who's "going astern."

Nicole loves Wordle and has some history of the game as well as some books to improve your vocabulary and your score.

Looking for survival books? We have them!

Stay alive! : survival skills you need / John D. McCann.
613.69 MCCANN
Explains how to think like a survivor; discusses solutions for surviving emergencies during sport, adventures, and travel; and explores various skill categories including water, shelter, signalling, first aid, and navigation.

Bushcraft first aid : a field guide to wilderness emergency care / Dave Canterbury
From wilderness expert Dave Canterbury and outdoor survival instructor Jason Hunt comes the next installment in the New York Times bestselling Bushcraft series--a go-to first aid resource for anyone headed into the woods. Out in the woods or on top of a mountain, there's no calling 9-1-1. Bushcraft First Aid teaches you how to be your own first responder. The authors' years of experience and training will help hikers and backpackers deal with a variety of emergency situations, from cuts and burns to broken bones and head injuries. You'll also learn what to pack and how to make bandages, dressings, and slings at a moment's notice. As bushcraft experts, Canterbury and Hunt explain how to use plants as medicine to treat various conditions. Bushcraft First Aid provides the lifesaving information you need to keep yourself and your fellow hikers safe on the trail"-- Provided by publisher

SAS survival handbook : how to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea / John "Lofty" Wiseman.
613.69 WISEMAN
A survival guide from the Special Air Service offers a complete course on how to be prepared for any type of emergency--from natural disasters to terrorist attacks to wilderness adventures--explaining how to adapt successfully to various climates, how to identify edible plants, and how to build a fire, with tips on first aid, campcraft, emergency preparation, and more. The SAS Survival Handbook is the Special Air Service's complete course in being prepared for any type of emergency. John Wiseman presents real strategies for surviving in any type of situation, from accidents and escape procedures, including chemical and nuclear to successfully adapting to various climates (polar, tropical, desert), to identifying edible plants and creating fire. The book is extremely practical and is illustrated throughout with easy-to-understand line art and diagrams.

Episode 211 - Movie Chat : Eagle vs Shark

Episode 211 - Movie Chat : Eagle vs Shark

February 24, 2022

Nicole's Movie Chat for this week is 2007's Eagle vs Shark, starring Loren Taylor and Jemaine Clement. Directed by Taika Waititi.

From IMDb : The tale of two socially-awkward misfits and the strange ways they try to find love: through revenge on high-school bullies, burgers, and video games. 


Reserve a copy with your MCPL library card here : http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1477010

Amazon Prime members, click here to watch instantly : https://www.amazon.com/Eagle-Vs-Shark-Loren-Horsley/dp/B09FXSFV8Y/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3GN4V5I3TAJ3W&keywords=eagle+vs+shark&qid=1644955379&s=instant-video&sprefix=eagle+vs+shark%2Cinstant-video%2C46&sr=1-1



Episode 210 - Oscar Nominations, NYT Best Sellers, and More Black History Month Book Picks

Episode 210 - Oscar Nominations, NYT Best Sellers, and More Black History Month Book Picks

February 17, 2022

We've been doing this for 4 years this week! Wow. Thanks for listening...

We have a packed show this week!

Nicole reminds everyone that we have a handy link on our website where you can see our NYT Best Seller lists in our catalog.

NYT Middle Grade Best Seller Book List : http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/search?/ftlist^bib38%2C1%2C0%2C13/mode=2

NYT Young Adult Best Seller Book List : http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/search?/ftlist^bib35%2C1%2C0%2C20/mode=2

Sara discusses this year's Academy Award nominations : https://abc.com/shows/oscars/collection/nominees

Finally, Sal has some picks for adult books for Black History Month. Here's the list:

Black Fortunes by Shomari Wills - http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1836863

Here's the episode of History Bites on CJ Walker : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfZiDjk1UMo

The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson - http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1543711

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates - http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1690873

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly - http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1756680

March Trilogy by John Lewis - http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1618889, http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1773211, http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1773212

Out of Darkness, Shining Light by Petina Gappah - http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1958409

The Memory of Love by Aminatta Forna - http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1552383

Do you have any Black History Month book recommendations? Comment below and let us know!

Want to listen to our premiere episode? Find it here : https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-wybnf-ac253c





Episode 209 - Olympics Facts + Black History Month Books

Episode 209 - Olympics Facts + Black History Month Books

February 10, 2022

The Winter Olympics have begun and Sara has some interesting facts about the Olympics as well as discussing her longing to be an Olympic Curling champion...

If you want to read the facts, check it out here:


It's Black History Month and Nicole has some great book recommendations for kids and teens. You can read the lists she used here:

Books for Black History Month

https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/childrens/childrens-book-news/article/85638-children-s-and-ya-books-for-black-history-month-2021.html as well as here 

New YA Books by Black Authors




Episode 208 - Happy Lunar New Year!

Episode 208 - Happy Lunar New Year!

February 3, 2022

We celebrate the Year of the Tiger by chatting about the Chinese Zodiac and Lunar New Year. 

As a bonus, Nicole has this month's Book Horoscopes! 

Here are Your Zodiac Animal Book Recommendations from Penguin Random House that Sara mentioned. Plus information on the Chinese Zodiac here and history of Lunar New Year here.

PLUS - Take a look at your Book Horoscopes for February.


Episode 207 - Doth Thou Speaketh Shakespeare?

Episode 207 - Doth Thou Speaketh Shakespeare?

January 27, 2022

Did you know you might be quoting Shakespeare? Nicole discusses a Mental Floss article (https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/60264/21-phrases-you-use-without-realizing-youre-quoting-shakespeare) and Sara has some opinions about it. Plus Sara has a preview of next month's DVDs.

Want to read some Shakespeare? Check him out here: http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/search?/ashakespeare%2C+william/ashakespeare+william/1%2C3%2C707%2CB/exact&FF=ashakespeare+william+++++1564+++++1616&1%2C704%2C

Looking for the new DVD list? Reserve your copies here: http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/search?/ftlist^bib02%2C1%2C0%2C6/mode=2

Plus some housekeeping: The Youth Services Department now has an excellent way of organizing their collection. Next time you visit, you'll see items broken up into easy-to-browse categories: Favorites, Action/Adventures, Historical Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and General Fiction. Check it out on your next visit to MCPL!



Episode 206 - Food Trivia

Episode 206 - Food Trivia

January 20, 2022

Join us for another trivia episode that may just make you a little bit hungry...

Did you know you can visit the library to access an amazing database that includes The Oxford Companion of Food, An A-Z of Food and Drinks, An Encyclopedia of Food & Drinks in America, and more? Come down and ask a librarian on how you want access these resources.

Plus don't forget the hundreds of books related to cooking, food history, and diet recipes in our collection, including The Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, The Cambridge World History of Food, and the classic Joy of Cooking. All of this and much more is available using that little powerful piece of plastic in your wallet: your MCPL library card!

Also...comment and let us know if you think Taco Bell is the best fast food restaurant.

Episode 205 - World of Color

Episode 205 - World of Color

January 13, 2022

Nicole remembers illustrator Steve Jenkins; Sara asks what your favorite color is and what it means. PLUS There's plenty to do this winter at the library, both virtually and in person! Make sure to check out our online programming catalog for all the wonderful things we have to offer at MCPL! 

Steve Jenkins https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/childrens/childrens-authors/article/88266-obituary-steve-jenkins.html

Check out one of his many books at the library : https://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/search?/ajenkins%2C+steve/ajenkins+steve/1%2C5%2C84%2CB/exact&FF=ajenkins+steve+++++1952&1%2C69%2C

Want to learn more about Color Psychology? Take a gander at this e-book with your MCPL library card: https://livebrary.overdrive.com/media/2679348

A reminder: VITA is virtual once again this year and provided by our friends at Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Registration opens on 1/18/22. Use this link to get more information and to apply for an appointment: http://lovebethpage.com/vita

Episode 204 - Movie Chat : The Matador (2005)

Episode 204 - Movie Chat : The Matador (2005)

January 6, 2022

We kick the new year off with a movie chat! 

Sara's cinephile co-worker suggested this one: The Matador, from 2005 starring Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear, and Hope Davis. Written and directed by Richard Shepard.

Julian Noble is an unshaven, unnerved and unpredictable freelance assassin, who happens to encounter desperate businessman Danny Wright in the bar of a modern Mexico City hotel. Danny is intrigued when Julian reveals that he's a "facilitator of fatalities," and his wife becomes equally fascinated when Julian shows up unexpectedly, six months later, at Danny's home in Denver. Having lost his touch as a reliable hit-man, Julian needs Danny's help with "one last job," but the logistics of Julian's lethal profession brings them both in contact with other employees out to get Julian.

You can watch this movie instantly with your MCPL library card and a free Hoopla Digital account here: https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/13972517

Or if you like, you can watch it (albeit with commercials) here at IMDb TV: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/amzn1.dv.gti.3b587200-4047-43a5-a9d5-2e14714f7f51?ref=imdb_web&autoplay=1&ref_=imdbref_tt_wbr_fdv&tag=imdbtag_tt_wbr_fdv-20

Also available from our vast DVD collection. Reserve a copy here: http://mcpac.mcpl.lib.ny.us/record=b1434144

If you want to read trivia or see detailed information about this film, check out the IMDb record https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0365485/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1


Episode 203 - Looking Forward to 2022

Episode 203 - Looking Forward to 2022

December 30, 2021

As we wrap up 2021, we look forward to what's coming in 2022. The podcast team presents their picks!

Nicole is looking forward to:

Top Gun: Maverick

Perfect Equation / Elizabeth Everett

Reminders of Him / Colleen Hoover

Pam and Tommy (Hulu)

House of the Dragon (HBO Max)

The Continental (Starz)

Sara is looking forward to:

The Agathas

The Fervor

Refused - Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent

Jurassic World Dominion

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

John Wick: Chapter 4


The Bad Guys

Sal is looking forward to:

Tears for Fears - Tipping Point 

Wild Rivers - Sidelines 

Ink Black Heart Galbraith

Andor (Disney+)

Obi Wan Kenobi (Disney+)

The Lord of the Rings (Prime TV)

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 (Hulu)

Thor: Love and Thunder

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse - Part One

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

What are you looking forward to? Comment or e-mail us and let us know!

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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